Sunday, November 6, 2011

More NC-related funeral programs

I've finally gotten around to adding a few more programs to the database that I started several months ago.  I've figured out that, rather than trying to add large numbers at one time (which I haven't been able to find the time to do), I can certanily meet the more attainable goal of just updating the document with five to ten new names at a time, whenever I have the time!  So, with that said, here are the surnames of the departed whose information has just been added:  POWELL, HAWKINS, LACY, YARBOROUGH, JOHNSON, POTIS
 Please click here to see the entire database.

To read the original post about the huge collection of funeral programs I have in my possession, click here.  My goal is to provide information to the family members of the people in the database, so please pass this link along to as many researchers as possible, especially those with an interest in North Carolina genealogy!

Now that I have a new plan, it won't be long before more names will be posted.  :)


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  1. Good idea. A little at a time done consistently does wonders!