Sunday, December 8, 2013

Names added to NC Funeral Programs

Well, it's been a while, but I've finally added about 60 more names to the spreadsheet.  It's pretty time-consuming, and I just haven't had much time! 

The earliest funeral program I've come across is still the one from the 1940s, which I shared in the previous post, however all decades since then are represented in the collection, with persons who were born as early as the 1870's. 

Readers, please share the link to this page via social media, especially if your network includes researchers with roots in North Carolina.  So far, all of the programs are for African-Americans, but you never know who might have an interest in who! :)

Today's featured program is for Beatrice Holcomb, a distant cousin of mine, whom I never had the pleasure of meeting.

As a reminder, I will gladly scan and mail any of the programs out.  Just contact me via the blog for details. :)

I will try to post more names, very soon! Here, again, is the link to the spreadsheet.


Oh! I forgot to mention that I just added the column for place of birth today, when I was for than halfway finished added the newest ones. I'll have to go back and pull out all the others to add the places of birth. Can't do it tonight, but it will be soon!

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